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    Best of Raw 2013!

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    I am so thrilled & honored to have been nominated for a 2013 Best of Raw awards.  WOW!  🙂  I encourage you to visit www.bestofrawfoods.com & vote for all of your favorite raw foodies & raw food products … and I hope you will take a minute to vote for me in the Best of People category under “Raw Educator > 5 years.”  AND vote for me & my rawsome biz partner, Maggie Knowles of Kids Gone Raw in the “Raw Educator < 5 years.”  It’s so exciting to be included amongst some of my favorite raw food folks.

    Thank you in advance for your support!  You are a RAWK STAR!

    Carrot Ginger Soup

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    Carrot Ginger Soup – Serves 4

    4-5 large carrots, chopped or shredded

    2 dates, pitted

    1 ripe avocado

    1 1/2 Tbs grated ginger

    1-2 cloves minced garlic

    1 tsp cumin

    1/2  sea salt or to taste

    2 cups hot water or almond milk

    Blend all ingredients in a speed blender until creamy & smooth.  Top with a little cinnamon & a sprig of cilantro.

    NOTE:  add in 1/2 cup of shredded coconut & 1 tsp curry for a coconut curry soup.  Or add in 2 cups of greens for a rawlicious green soup.  Lots of options!

    NEW CLASSES … Join Me!

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    2013 is here & it’s time for a RAWvolution!  🙂

    Come experience the joy of raw & living foods with me in one of my raw food classes.  I’ve got lots of exciting things on the calendar & there is room for you to join in … so grab a friend and sign up for some RAWsome fun today!


    The classes in my studio are intimate (generally 4-6 people), hands on & include a detailed recipe handout & lots of gourmet sampling, so be sure to bring your appetite!  We make between 6-8 recipes in each class & they are sure to rawk your world!

    The classes at Whole Foods also make for a fun night.  There are generally 14-20 people there & we make 4-5 recipes & you get to sample everything.

    And don’t forget about potluck!  We host a fabulous raw vegan potluck on the 3rd Sunday of the month from 5:30-7:30.  Hope you can join us.  Details on the class calendar.


    Make your health a priority this year and add more plant-based foods to your life each day and remember that “the gift of health is keeping you alive.” (quote from The Magic by Rhonda Byrne)

    Smoothies & Juices … what’s the difference?

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    Green smoothies & green juices have changed my life!  I love chatting about them with any and everyone … I really get excited about it & hope you do too!  In talking about them with folks, one thing I have noticed is how often people use the words smoothie & juice interchangeably, when in fact they are two very different beverages.

    Both smoothies & juices are WICKED GOOD for us … they contain nutrients from fresh fruits & veggies, and who wouldn’t benefit from that?  But there are a few simple differences.

    A green smoothie is made with fresh greens, fruit & water (or other liquid) in a blender and ALL of the fiber from the greens and fruit is retained in the smoothie.  Fiber is good for our bodies and helps push things through our digestive tract.

    A green juice is made from fresh greens, veggies and fruit with a juicer.  You push the produce through the juicer, and it extracts all of the fiber from the produce & leaves you with only the juice.  Because juice contains no fiber, it is absorbed directly into the blood stream, giving our digestive system a break. It requires a lot more produce to make 1 glass of juice versus 1 glass of smoothie, which  means a glass of juice does contain more nutrients than a glass of smoothie.

    In my book, whether you choose to enjoy a glass of green juice or a green smoothie, you are doing your body good!  Cheers to  liquid sunshine!  Check out some recipes here or order our “Smoothies Gone Raw” ebook here.


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    Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!  How are you?  It has been awhile since I have posted.  I turn into one of  Santa’s helpers in December & disappear into my art studio.  Check out this post on my art blog to see some of my holiday creations.

    I just wanted to wish you all a RAW-MAZING 2013! 

    May the year ahead be filled with nourishing food, lots of green drinks, love, peace & laughter.

    I am so grateful to have you as a part of my raw food family.

    xoxox Elizabeth