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    The World According to Monsanto – a documentary

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    May 25th at 2pm marked the global “March Against Monsanto.”  Dozens of cities across the world participated in this event, including Portland, Maine, and it was such a thought provoking rally and march … and infuriating, really.  I keep having thoughts about Monsanto pop into my head I can’t help but wonder how they came about & how what they do is ok.

    So who is Monsanto?  Monsanto is a HUGE multinational agricultural biotechnology company that is literally ruining our global food source.  Monsanto is behind genetically modifying seeds, amongst many other damaging things.  They have modified seeds to create crops that grow in “desirable” ways and that are dependent on their very own herbicides & pesticides.  And they have patented their seeds requiring farmers who use them to buy their seeds each season.  These gmo (genetically modified) seeds then contaminate other fields and crops over and over again.

    Profit, profit, profit is what Monsanto is all about & the implications for their actions are absolutely horrific … I have barely scratched the surface.

    Nature is perfect and beautiful as it is.  When we start changing the DNA makeup of seeds in a chemical laboratory  to get them to do what we want them to do, we wreak havoc on the environment & our bodies.

    60-70% of today’s processed foods contain gmos (genetically modified foods) and if you are a dairy and or meat eater, your dairy & meat are contaminated too because factory farm animals are fed gmo foods.

    A recent study in rats who ate an all gmo diet developed tumors and lived less than half of their life expectancy.  Does that sound healthy & harmless to you?

    I watched the French documentary “The World According to Monsanto” over the weekend and I hope you will too.  We all need to educate ourselves about what is happening with our food supply & speak up with our voices & our pocketbooks.

    Eating organic food is one way to stay clear of gmos.  Certified organic food is never genetically modified, so support your organic farmers & take care of your bodies!

    Click here to watch the film The World According to Monsanto.

    And click here to read an article from Natural News about GMOs.

    Getting Juicy With Stinging Nettles

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    I love trying new greens & when I saw saw nettles on the Portland Food Co-op’s local order form, I couldn’t resist!  And Victoria Boutenko talks a lot about nettles in “Green for Life” & I have always been curious about a green that is prickly when handled but yummy when blended or cooked.


    Nettles are found all over the world & are often considered a weed although they have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries.  Nettles are basically a cure all … they are high in iron, serve as a diuretic, are great for allergies, asthma, celiac disease, bladder infections & they relieve arthritis pain & SO MUCH MORE!  Just google them & see for yourself!


    Citrus Nettles Green Juice

    5 cups nettles

    10 carrots

    2 grapefruits

    1 apple

    1 lime

    Place all ingredients through the juicer & drink up!  Or try nettles in a smoothie as you would any other green.  Just be sure to use a glove when handling nettles as they really do sting!  I stung my hand yesterday & the tingly sensation stayed with me ALL day!

    Get your nettles on today!  🙂