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    Juice Feasting … NOW is the time!

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    Note: Raw Vegan Potluck on Thursday, July 25th at 6:30pm at 81 Congress St.

    Have you been curious about trying a juice feast/fast?  

    Well NOW is the time!  With local produce in full bloom & warm weather

    to help us want lighter, fresher food, the timing couldn’t be better.

    What is a juice feast & why do it?

    A juice feast is when you consume 4-6 quarts of fresh juice a day for a period of time, without eating any food.  It is safe for healthy folks to juice feast for 1-10 days, and if you are interested in going longer, you might want to consult with your doctor.  Some people have juice feasted for as long as 90 days. Any day you enjoy fresh juice is a good day!

    Why juice?  Juice feasting is a great way to give your body a break … a break from digesting food, which requires a lot of energy!  Completing a juice feast lets you load up on the incredible nutrients found in fresh produce and is a great way to reset & eliminate cravings.  You will feel brighter, clearer, lighter, more energetic & happy!  Juicing is also known to help people heal from numerous illnesses & diseases.  Fresh juice packs a serious punch of nutrients!

    WHAT TO EXPECT from enjoying fresh green juice every day:
    increased energy
    improved digestion & elimination
    glowing skin
    a desire to be more healthy all around
    emotional balance
    weight balance


    Juice Feast Class: I am hosting a juice feast class next Wed, July 31st from 6-7:30pm.  We will learn all about juice feasting and make 5 yummy juices together.  You will get a shopping list, a 5 day juice feast recipe plan.  We will meet on Thursday evening for a showing of Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead & then again on Sunday night at 6pm for a special dinner juice and discussion on how to break a juice feast.  You will get all of the support you need to RAWK a 3-5 day juice feast.  REGISTER HERE.

    Note: Raw Vegan Potluck on Thursday, July 25th at 6:30pm at 81 Congress St.

    Smoothies Gone Raw

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    Our new “Smoothies Gone Raw” book is HERE & it arrived just in time for the 30 Day Green Drinks Challenge that will run for the month of July!  You can order your signed copy below & join in on the challenge HERE!

    30 Days.  30 Quarts.  Feel good for Summer.

    We are so excited about “Smoothies Gone Raw” and we know you & your loved ones will be too.  It is loaded with over 100 gorgeous smoothie recipes that will most definitely rawk your world!

    Support our mission to make this world a healthier place by ordering your copy of our RAWdorable, informative & easy to read smoothie book.

    Purchase a signed copy of our book below!  
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    Thank you for being YOU!  🙂