• Amaize Crunch Fresh Rolls

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    These rolls are so fresh, crunchy & flavorful!  On a warm evening they make a great meal.

    Amaize Crunch Fresh Rolls –makes 8 rolls

    8 rice papers or use collard or romaine leaves

    2 ears amaize sweet corn, cut off of cob

    1 cucumber, julienned

    1 carrot, julienned

    1 red pepper, sliced

    1 avocado, sliced

    fresh herbs:  basil, cilantro mint

    1 mango, sliced – optional

    Cashew Cilantro Dipping Sauce

    1/2 cup cashews

    1/ cup water

    1/2 lime, juice

    1 handful cilantro

    sea salt to taste

    1/2 clove garlic-optional

    • If using rice paper, get a bowl of hot tap water ready.  Dip rice paper in bowl of hot water & then place on dry work table.  Layer all of your filling ingredients into center of rice paper (or leafy green) & then gently roll rice paper over folding & tucking edges.  Place on a plate & serve with your favorite dipping sauce. (Also try whisking together 2 Tbs almond butter, 2 Tbs coconut aminos, juice of 1/2 lime, 1 Tbs chopped cilantro, 1 clove garlic grated).

    • Blend sauce ingredients together in a blender or nutribullet & get dipping!

    DISCLAIMER: This blog post is sponsored by Amaize Sweet Corn. Amaize Sweet Corn is a non-gmo white corn & is available in some Hannaford locations.  Look for it, it’s delicious … So delicious, in fact, that you can eat if raw off the cob with your favorite coconut oil spread.


    Coconut Oil Butter for Amaize Corn on the cob

    2 Tbs coconut oil

    2 Tbs chopped herbs (I like cilantro or dill)

    sea salt to taste