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    Taste for Change

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    Get your tickets today for a fabulous vegan event taking place on Sun, July 31st from 1-4pm in Portland, Maine.  Don’t miss it!  I’ll be there demoing & sampling some amazing nice creams … trust me when I say that they are to LIVE for!  🙂  I’ll have recipe cards for you!  xoxo1097993_10203221399754030_1296255250_n


    Fruit Loving Summer

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    Got fruit? I have been experimenting with a fruitarian diet since the beginning of August and I must say, I’m loving it!  I’m not quite a 30 bananas a day girl, but I’m digging the fruit.

    We signed up to go to the Woodstock Fruit Festival last January & I had been mentally preparing for the experience ever since.  I got out my copy of Dr. Doug Graham’s 80/10/10 this Spring & tried to find inspiration to jump into a high fruit low fat raw vegan diet in preparation for August’s unlimited fruit retreat.  In case you don’t know, 80/10/10 is a diet that includes 80% carbs from fruit, 10% protein from greens & a few nuts/ seeds, & 10% fat from avocado, coconut, & nuts/seeds. And if you are wondering what 10% fat looks like … it ain’t much.  For me it’s about 1/4-1/3 of an avocado a day or a small handful of nuts/seeds. And no oil, no salt, no spices, no garlic, no red or yellow onion.  WOW!  It sounded so hard and extreme … at least that was the story I told myself.

    With 2 weeks to go before heading to the Adirondacks for Fruit Fest, I decided it was now or never.  I jumped into the 80/10/10 diet & began following Dr. Graham’s Summer meal plans.  I had no trouble diving into eating lots of delicious ripe fruit …  although the volume of fruit I was consuming in one sitting was a little daunting at first.  Example: sitting down to 1/2 a large watermelon for breakfast made for lots of eating … & peeing.  🙂  The fruit went down easily, but the greens & veggies which are generally eaten for dinner, were more challenging (approx 12-16 oz a greens a day).  Initially I missed the oil & salt in my salad dressings, and I just couldn’t chew through a humungous bowl of greens & veggies in one sitting.  I was feeling kind of funky initially too.  My tummy felt off and my pooping schedule got off kilter. I felt pressure in my head & had some light headedness during the first 1o days.  I didn’t know if I was doing something wrong or what, so I hopped on chronometer to document my food intake to see where I might be going astray.  My calories & 80/10/10 percentages were lining up nicely, which was cool to see, but what was off?  I soon realized that I needed to eat my greens throughout the day & enjoy them for breakfast lunch & dinner in order to feel good.  Once I did that I was a happy fruit loving girl.


    By the time we got to the Woodstock Fruit Festival I had a good sense of the fruitarian lifestyle and was able to jump right into the unlimited fruit feast and enjoyed the people who were there with us.  There were beautiful folks there from ALL over the world … Australia, the UK, Switzerland, Spain, France, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Canada, Hawaii, California, Florida, Louisiana, & beyond.  It was amazing to be brought together to live in love & fruit on the steep hillside of Camp Walden & to learn from the incredibly inspiring presenters.  WOW!  SO many inspiring stories of health & healing from all sorts of illness & disease.

    The presenters talked and shared their incredible stories and experiences and I encourage you to click here to learn about them.  One of the common threads throughout all of the lectures & workshops was the importance of eating a 100% high fruit, low fat, raw vegan diet, getting enough sleep (being in bed by 10 or 11 at the latest), breathing fresh air, spending time in the sun, exercising, being in loving relationships … each & every day!  Without balance in all areas, you will not be your healthiest self.  They were all amazing and spoke so openly with all of us.  I was so inspired by this group of rawk stars & their journeys & messages that I have decided to carry on with my 100% raw high fruit lifestyle.

    Here’s some of the things that I have noticed since beginning a high fruit, low fat raw vegan diet in early August:  I feel lighter, stronger, more fit and at ease.  I have shed a few pounds which is an added bonus. I don’t need to drink as much water because the fruit & veggies are so high in water content. I really enjoy mono meals of watermelon, cantaloupe & oranges in particular. My cravings have shifted.  I don’t crave chocolate or salty foods … just fruit or greens.  It’s been an interesting journey and I look forward to seeing where it takes me.

    And to share with you what I have eaten today … I have had  1.5 quarts green smoothie (cantaloupe, apple, pear, banana, kale, dates), 10 oz. fresh coconut water, tea with honey, a fruit bar (dried fruit, blueberries, pistachios & hemp seeds), 1 banana,  1/2 cantaloupe, 8 oz spinach salad topped with cherry tomatoes & a veggie salad dressing, 2 bananas, 2 dates & a huge bowl of greens topped with 3 big scoops of fresh tomato chili & 2 dates.  I have not been using salt in my food prep, but I have used some spices and a sliver of onion or garlic here & there.  I have also had a couple of salads with oil based dressings while out on the town & a few nibbles of our yummy Kids Gone Raw snack foods.


    So there you have it … a little bit out the past 5 weeks.  I hope you enjoyed hearing about it & I hope you are encouraged to learn a little more about  the low fat raw vegan lifestyle.  Check back for new recipes & more helpful info!  Have a rawmazing September! xoxo

    Spring Cleaning!

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    Spring cleaning!  🙂 I started a juice feast on Monday … yippee!  I went into it thinking I would go 7 days, give or take a couple of days on either side.  I usually have a number in my head & am pretty determined to stick to it … but not this time.  I ended up eating dinner last night on day 4 … fresh veggies & kale chip crumbs, followed by a pear … I was feeling really hungry & emotional and I let myself follow my needs.  Could I have pushed through it?  Sure, & I often do.  But I didn’t want to.

    This morning I got up & juiced 2.5 quarts & decided to modify my feast into a cleanse.  I will continue to drink lots of juice, eat fresh fruit & enjoy 1 meal a day as I carry on with my spring cleaning a few more days.  While this wasn’t my original plan, sometimes we just have to listen to what our bodies are saying.  This is the perfect plan for me for where I am right now and I am grateful that I was able to pause and listen.

    Wishing you all a juicy weekend  & a very Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mamas!  You are such a gift to the world. xoxo  Thank you for being you.


    And I wanted to invite you local peeps to join me on Monday night for my  “Let’s RAWK the Greens” Class.  I am offering a 2 for 1 special … such a bargain for an evening of delicious, organic, raw vegan food learning, prep & eating.  I hope you will join me.  Just enter coupon code “2for1” and sign yourself & a friend or family member up … or maybe your favorite mom!  Click HERE to register.  And click here to see all of the other fun stuff on the calendar … juice/cocktails at liquid m2, potluck, book club & classes!

    Happy Weekend!  Here’s a juicy recipe for you:

    Mama Love Juice

    4 cups spinach

    5-6 carrots

    1 stalk celery

    3 apples

    1/2 cucumber

    1 small/medium red beet

    1/2 lemon or lime

    1/2 inch piece of ginger

    Run all ingredients through juicer & drink up!  🙂

    Mexican Fiesta

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    Mexican & Pizza were always my 2 favorite cooked foods & now they are my favorite raw foods … especially Mexican.  With the amazing bursts of lime & cilantro & the fresh avocado, tomato & zip from peppers, raw vegan Mexican food is to LIVE for!

    I am going to share my taco meat recipe for you to try.  I love it with some fresh guac & salsa over a bed of greens, or in a cabbage leaf topped with all the taco fixings.  It doesn’t matter how you eat it … it’s just good!

    I have a Mexican Fiesta class coming up on Thursday evening & it is sure to rawk your world.  We will be making mojitos, chips, salsa, guac, sour cream, burritos, stuffed peppers, enchiladas & Mexican brownies.  I’m drooling just thinking about it.  Classes are fun, RAWlicious, hands on, educational & inspiring.

    We don’t hesitate to spend $50-$100 for a massage to take take care of our bodies, and my raw food classes are just another way for you to take care of yourself, and the information you take away can change your life.  I hope some of you local peeps can join me on Thursday evening from 6-8:15pm for a rawmazing dinner class:  You can register HERE.  And if you aren’t local, I hope you will seek out a raw food class in your area.

    Taco meat:
    1 cup walnuts
    5-6 sundried tomatoes, soaked 1-2 hours
    1 clove garlic
    1 Tbs cumin (or 2 tsp if you like a little less flavor)
    1 tsp coriander (or 1/2 tsp)
    1/2 tsp chili powder
    pinch or two sea salt
    Blend ingredients together in a food processor until it looks like taco meat. Serve as you would taco meat!

    Juicy January

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    Today is day 16 of my juice feast.  I am hoping to go for 31 days, but am taking things day by day.  I have been feeling really good from the start, which is such a blessing & gift!  My juices have been delicious & satisfying, my body has felt vibrant, I haven’t suffered headaches and I have had no problem maintaining my normal level of activity … until this morning.  Last night I got hit with a sudden feeling of ickiness & have come down with something … cough & sore throat.  I suspect my green juices will help me bounce back quickly! In any case, my only real challenge has been staying warm–I have to dress in layers & always have a scarf & hat near by.  I drink lots of herbal teas & occasional homemade mugs of miso/veggie soup broth to warm my core.

    For me a juice feast is mind over matter.  I set a goal & I just keep plugging along day by day with little question of whether or not I am going to continue.  I have had a couple of moments where something riled me & I found that my mind immediately wandered to food.  Interesting observation, huh?!  I’m sure I turn to food for many reasons that do not have to do with hunger & I will do my best to carry this awareness with me as I move forward.  🙂

    Juice feasting gives me a feeling lightness, mental clarity, sharper vision, more focus, weightloss (my clothes are fitting great!) & just an overall sense of balance & wellness (despite the cold that I seem to have gotten) … & that is why I return to juice feasting several times a year!

    CLASS: If you are interested in experiencing a juice feast, please join me for my juice feast class next Tues, Jan 21st.  We will learn about juices, juicers, how to plan for, complete & end a fast.  We will make 5 rawlicious juices together & drink them up!  You will get a detailed handout, a shopping list & 3-5 day juice feast meal plan.  And there will be a private Juice Feast group on facebook for sharing!  We will also have a meeting on Sun, Jan 26th to share, drink juice & learn about how to properly end a fast. Click here to register!

    VIRTUAL FEAST: I am also offering a virtual plan so that everyone can participate. You will receive a detailed handout on Tues, Jan 21st with shopping list, juice feast meal plan & access to the private facebook group.  Click HERE to purchase this option.

    Juicing changes lives for the better!  Let it change yours!

    It’s a RAWvolution!

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    I am hosting a RAWsome 7 day cleanse … raw vegan style!  Give yourself the experience of 100% raw for 7 days or whatever works for you–it will rawk your world!  The actual cleanse begins on Monday, January 13 &  goes through the 19th.  As a virtual participant, you will receive your detailed handouts on Saturday the 11th.  Handouts include info about the raw vegan diet, tips, shopping list, meal plan & recipes for the week.  You will also have access to a private raw food cleanse group on facebook (starting Saturday) that will include daily support, videos & an opportunity for questions.  Join this RAWvolution!

    IN PERSON, 2 PART CLASS:  If you are local & would like to come to the actual “It’s a RAWvolution” class on Sunday the 12th (it includes making & sampling 7 recipes) & a dinner party on Wednesday the 16th please register here.  This option includes everything else mentioned above. $79 Click HERE to register

    Happy 2014! Got any RAWsolutions?

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    Ah, a new year.

    Life can get so busy & chaotic during the month of December & I often sway a little from my path between all of the long days in my studio painting & all of the family celebrations.  And by that I mean, I don’t sleep enough, I cut out on my exercise routine, I make food choices based on convenience … you get the picture.  Anyways, as a new year begins, I love to take time to pause, reflect & regroup.

    It has become my New Year’s tradition to begin January 1st with a juice feast, so today I nourished my body with fresh vegetable & fruit juices.  Yummmmm!  A juice feast of any length of time gives me a chance to slow down, to really listen to my body & to gain some mental clarity.

    I’m not big on rules & resolutions, but I am big on living my best life.  So with my best life in mind and my juicy January under way,  I will share with you a few of my rawsolutions for 2014:

    1.  Sundays Unplugged:  I plan to unplug on Sundays & stay clear of my phone, social media, email, texts, apps & anything else that makes me accessible 24/7.  I deserve time to simply be.  🙂  I will allow myself to take photos & share an occasional instagram picture–as an artist, I have a hard time letting go of the visual beauty that surrounds me.  🙂

    2.  More Juice Mondays:  I plan to stay connected to my body & enjoy a day of juice feasting each Monday (or whatever day of the week works best).  And if an entire day won’t work, 3/4 of the day is perfect.

    3.   Good Things Gratitude Jar:  I have set aside a jar & lots of paper to begin my “good things gratitude jar.”  At the end of each day I will take a few minutes to think about all of the blessings in my life & I will write down anything that comes to mind that made my day special.  At the end of 2014 I will empty my jar & re-visit all of the magic from my year.

    4.  Books!  I love to read, but I don’t always make time for it.  I plan to carve out time each day to sit with a book.  Speaking of books … we have started a health/plant-based book club called the Raw Maine Book Club.  Check it out & join the fun.  Our first book is “Healthy at 100” by John Robbins.

    5. Yoga & Movement:  I have a pretty consistent yoga practice and I plan to keep it that way.  Yoga keeps me connected, breathing, moving, grounded, fit and free of back pain.  I am grateful to yoga & the gifts it has given me … and to PPY, where I practice.

    6.  All things Love, Peace & Gratitude:  I will find love, peace & gratitude in each being that crosses my path and all things that I do.

    Balance in life is always high on my list too, but I think if I am able to put into practice everything else on my list, balance will follow.  🙂    Feel free to check in with me or ask me how I am doing with some of my rawsolutions & feel free to share your own!  I will be posting updates about my January Juice feast too, so stay tuned … & if you are interested in a cleanse of your own, I have several on the class calendar!

    NEW WINTER /SPRING CLASSES POSTED.  Hope you can join me!  Cheers!

    Let’s Make Party Food Together

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    With the Holiday Season in full swing & lots of tempting & unhealthy food options around us, why not learn some great crowd pleaser recipes that are beautiful & healthy!   If you live near by, I hope you will join me tomorrow night for this RAWsome time.  We will prepare a bunch of sweet & savory treats & eat them too!  Registration is required:  http://www.eventbee.com/event?eid=105601193

    And if you don’t live near by, I hope you will make an effort to learn a few new recipes that you can share with y our loved ones this holiday season!  We are all worth it!  xoxo

    “The Power in YOU!”

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     It’s so true that the power lies within you.  You can choose joy.  You can choose nourishing food.  You can choose fitness. YOU & only you can choose whatever it is you want … you are the keeper of your own life.

    I personally choose a diet high in raw & living foods, yoga, family, laughter, time outside in nature, time with people that lift me up.   I choose joy & peace.  What do you choose?

    The power is in you.  This is a powerful message and one that we can often forget as we get sucked into the drama of our everyday lives.  So for those of you in the greater Portland area, I’d love to invite you to join me at the Bay Club on Saturday from 9-4:30 for a day of love, nourishment & self-discovery.  You can participate in many different mini-workshops, including massage, reiki, zumba, yoga, breathing, body composition analysis, raw food with yours truly & so much MORE!  And lunch is included.  You can check out the details & register by CLICKING HERE.

    And for everyone, near & far ponder this Thomas Edison quote:  “If we did all of the things we were capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”  And then step outside your comfort zone & RAWK this world & your fabulous life!


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    Come join me for some RAWlicious classes this Fall.  I’ve got all kinds of goodies on the calendar  … from hands on dinner classes, to more intensive themed classes and certification classes too.  And don’t forget about raw food potluck on the 3rd Sunday of the month from 5:30-7:30pm!  Click here to view the calendar & to sign up for some RAWsome fun!  

    Girl Gone Raw classes are fun, informative, inspiring & nourishing on every level … and they can simply be life changing!  What are you waiting for?  Come play in the kitchen!

    And remember that I do parties for 5-7 people too, so get a group  of friends or family together & come in for a rawmazing time!