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    Spring Cleaning!

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    Spring cleaning! ¬†ūüôā I started a juice feast on Monday ‚Ķ yippee! ¬†I went into it thinking I would go 7 days, give or take a couple of days on either side. ¬†I usually have a number in my head & am pretty determined to stick to it ‚Ķ but not this time. ¬†I ended up eating dinner last night on day 4 ‚Ķ fresh veggies & kale chip crumbs, followed by a pear ‚Ķ I was feeling really hungry & emotional and I let myself follow my needs. ¬†Could I have pushed through it? ¬†Sure, & I often do. ¬†But I didn’t want to.

    This morning I got up & juiced 2.5 quarts & decided to modify my feast into a cleanse. ¬†I will continue to drink lots of juice, eat fresh fruit & enjoy 1 meal a day as I carry on with my spring cleaning a few more days. ¬†While this wasn’t my original plan, sometimes we just have to listen to what our bodies are saying. ¬†This is the perfect plan for me for where I am right now and I am grateful that I was able to pause and listen.

    Wishing you all a juicy weekend ¬†& a very Happy Mother’s Day to all of you mamas! ¬†You are such a gift to the world. xoxo ¬†Thank you for being you.


    And I wanted to invite you local peeps to join me on Monday night for my ¬†“Let’s RAWK the Greens” Class. ¬†I am offering a 2 for 1 special ‚Ķ such a bargain for an evening of delicious, organic, raw vegan food learning, prep & eating. ¬†I hope you will join me. ¬†Just enter coupon code “2for1” and sign yourself & a friend or family member up ‚Ķ or maybe your favorite mom! ¬†Click HERE to register.¬† And click here to see all of the other fun stuff on the calendar ‚Ķ juice/cocktails at liquid m2, potluck, book club & classes!

    Happy Weekend! ¬†Here’s a juicy recipe for you:

    Mama Love Juice

    4 cups spinach

    5-6 carrots

    1 stalk celery

    3 apples

    1/2 cucumber

    1 small/medium red beet

    1/2 lemon or lime

    1/2 inch piece of ginger

    Run all ingredients through juicer & drink up! ¬†ūüôā

    So I Got the Flu

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    I pride myself in keeping healthy … I make great choices around food, I have a regular yoga practice, I walk my¬†dogs every day, I surround myself with people who feed my soul, my work is my passion … so imagine my surprise, when on the evening of day 15 of my juice feast I felt a sudden kick of ickiness. ¬†Was I just cold & tired? ¬†I thought maybe I was, so I went to bed & hoped for the best. ¬†Well, I woke up with a fever & severe body aches. ¬†WHAT?!!

    I was in denial & thought, “Oh, I’m just tired. ¬†Afterall, how could I possibly get the flu when I’ve been putting 3-4¬†quarts of green juice in my body each day for over 2 weeks?” ¬†I had been feeling AMAZING, light & energetic. ¬†I had been practicing yoga daily & sleeping like a rock. ¬†What happened? ¬†I got the flu & I got it bad–that’s what happened. ¬†I had a high fever for 48 hours & was unable to get up & dressed for 4 days. ¬†I feel so much better today, but I am still not¬†back to my old tricks–I have a cough & very ¬†limited energy. ¬†I had to let go of my juice feast (I have continued with 1-2 quarts of juice a day & have added in some vegan & raw vegan soups). ¬†I felt a little discouraged to not be able to continue with my goal of 31 days of juice, but listening to my body is important & it wanted warm, soft food.

    Getting the flu really gave me a chance to reflect on where I went wrong in my self-care regime.  Nutrition will only get you so far.  Exercise will only get you so far.  Sleep will only get you so far.  Stress management will only get you so far.  BUT, combine good nutrition, regular exercise, 7-8 hours of sleep a night, & stress-management  through down time & you have balance, and with balance you will have health.  When one or more of these things gets out of balance, you put yourself at risk for getting sick, and that was my mistake!

    I skimped out on the 7-8 hours of sleep a night & taking regular down time for myself. ¬†December is my busiest month of the year–I pack 3 months of work into 3 weeks. ¬†I worked around the clock, 7 days a week, in my studio painting adorable pets for people to give as Christmas gifts & then I had all of the family celebrating & parties … so much going on. ¬†I did take the Fri-Mon after Christmas off to relax, but apparently, that was not nearly enough time. ¬†I need to give my body the gift of down time each week, not just once in awhile.

    I have now reformatted my schedule to include 48 hours of down time /play time / ME time each week, and I am really looking forward to it! ¬†2014 is the year of balance & ME time so that I can continue to live my best life! ¬†Yeah for self-care! ¬†In fact, I have signed up for a “Self Care=Heart Centered Success” workshop with my friend, Britt Bolnick, of In Arms Coaching, on Sat, Feb 1st from 1-4pm. ¬†It’s only $10. ¬†Who wants to join me?

    Wishing you all a joyful week! ¬†STAY WARM & HEALTHY! ¬†ūüôā

    Juicy January

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    Today is day 16 of my juice feast. ¬†I am hoping to go for 31 days, but am taking things day by day. ¬†I have been feeling really good from the start, which is such a blessing & gift! ¬†My juices have been delicious & satisfying, my body has felt vibrant, I haven’t suffered headaches and I have had no problem maintaining my normal level of activity … until this morning. ¬†Last night I got hit with a sudden feeling of ickiness & have come down with something … cough & sore throat. ¬†I suspect my green juices will help me bounce back quickly! In any case, my only real challenge has been staying warm–I have to dress in layers & always have a scarf & hat near by. ¬†I drink lots of herbal teas & occasional homemade mugs of miso/veggie soup broth to warm my core.

    For me a juice feast is mind over matter. ¬†I set a goal & I just keep plugging along day by day with little question of whether or not I am going to continue. ¬†I have had a couple of moments where something riled me & I found that my mind immediately wandered to food. ¬†Interesting observation, huh?! ¬†I’m sure I turn to food for many reasons that do not have to do with hunger & I will do my best to carry this awareness with me as I move forward. ¬†ūüôā

    Juice feasting gives me a feeling lightness, mental clarity, sharper vision, more focus, weightloss (my clothes are fitting great!) & just an overall sense of balance & wellness (despite the cold that I seem to have gotten) … & that is why I return to juice feasting several times a year!

    CLASS: If you are interested in experiencing a juice feast, please join me for my juice feast class next Tues, Jan 21st.  We will learn about juices, juicers, how to plan for, complete & end a fast.  We will make 5 rawlicious juices together & drink them up!  You will get a detailed handout, a shopping list & 3-5 day juice feast meal plan.  And there will be a private Juice Feast group on facebook for sharing!  We will also have a meeting on Sun, Jan 26th to share, drink juice & learn about how to properly end a fast. Click here to register!

    VIRTUAL FEAST: I am also offering a virtual plan so that everyone can participate. You will receive a detailed handout on Tues, Jan 21st with shopping list, juice feast meal plan & access to the private facebook group.  Click HERE to purchase this option.

    Juicing changes lives for the better!  Let it change yours!

    2 Juice Recipes for you on Day 5 of my Feast

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    Morning Fruit Juice, makes approx 12-16 oz.

    1 grapefruit, peeled

    1 orange or 3 clementines, peeled

    1 apple

    1/2 piece of ginger

    Push through your juicer & drink up!


    Gorgeous Green Juice, makes approx 32 oz.

    1 bunch kale

    1 handful parsley or cilantro

    1 cucumber

    2 celery stalks

    2 apples

    1 pear

    1/2-1 lemon (peel ok)

    1/2 inch piece of ginger

    Push through juicer & drink up!

    I am doing an extended juice feast. ¬†I hope to go for about 30 days, but I’m taking it one day at a time. ¬†So far I feel fabulous. ¬†I jumped right into without any difficulty, which is not always the case. ¬†Often I feel tired & get an occasional headache. ¬†Yeah for an easy start!

    During a feast I drink 3-4 quarts of fresh juice a day along with water, wheatgrass juice, herbal teas & a little miso & hot water when I need it to warm up. ¬†ūüôā ¬†And it has been FREEEZING out, so I have had needed stuff to warm me up!

    Potty talk: ¬†I started out doing salt water flushes to clean out my colon, but didn’t love the results. ¬†I was feeling kinda bloated. ¬†So today I did an enema & that helped release some junk from my body. ¬†YEAH!

    If you would like to participate in a cleanse this month, I am offering two different options:  A 7 day raw food cleanse & a 3-5 juice feast.  Click here for details.

    Wishing you a JUICY day!  xoxo 

    Getting Juicy With Stinging Nettles

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    I love trying new greens & when I saw saw nettles on the Portland Food Co-op’s local order form, I couldn’t resist! ¬†And Victoria Boutenko talks a lot about nettles in “Green for Life” & I have always been curious about a green that is prickly when handled but yummy when blended or cooked.


    Nettles are found all over the world & are often considered a weed although they have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. ¬†Nettles are basically a cure all … they are high in iron, serve as a diuretic, are great for allergies, asthma, celiac disease, bladder infections & they relieve arthritis pain & SO MUCH MORE! ¬†Just google them & see for yourself!


    Citrus Nettles Green Juice

    5 cups nettles

    10 carrots

    2 grapefruits

    1 apple

    1 lime

    Place all ingredients through the juicer & drink up!  Or try nettles in a smoothie as you would any other green.  Just be sure to use a glove when handling nettles as they really do sting!  I stung my hand yesterday & the tingly sensation stayed with me ALL day!

    Get your nettles on today! ¬†ūüôā

    GGR: Top Performing Video on ehow.com

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    My video “How to Make Fruit & Vegetable Juice in a Blender” ranked in the Top 100 of all published videos on ehow.com. ¬†Considering that ehow.com published thousands of videos in 2012, this is quite an accomplishment … my video ¬†received over 8,000 views! ¬†Thank you, Patrick for your awesome video work … Check out Patrick’s site at¬†rambleproductions.com

    CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEOHow to Make Fruit & Vegetable Juice in a Blender ‚ÄĒpowered by eHow.com

    Warm Mug of Cinnamon Hemp Milk

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    Warm Mug of Cinnamon Hemp Milk – serves 2

    4 Tbs hemp seeds

    3 cups warm or hot water

    2 Tbs coconut nectar or raw honey

    1 tsp cinnamon

    pinch sea salt – optional

    1 Tbs raw cacao powder – optional

    Place ingredients in a blender & blender until smooth & frothy like a latte.  Pour into you glass & drink up!

    How I Feel After my Juice Feast

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    ¬† ¬†I have been eating again for almost a week after my 20 day juice feast & I feel fabulous! ¬† ūüôā ¬†I lost about 10 pounds and my rash has only flared up once after I ate a green smoothie with banana & mango ¬†which has prompted me to take a break form those 2 ingredients for now. ¬†I just feel so good in my own skin again! ¬†I am so grateful to my juice feast for that!

    And I love the mindfulness and awareness around food that has re-surfaced since my feast. ¬†It’s so nice to be in tune with my body and to make food choices that reflect what my body is asking for.

    I have done many juice feasts that range in time from 3 days to 14 days and it is always a goal of mine to continue to drink fresh green juice daily, but somehow I have a hard time making that happen.  I am happy to report that I think I have finally formed a juice habit!  Juicing no longer feels like a challenge or a chore.  I just do it & drink up.  I have continued to drink at least a quart of green a day and that makes me feel so darn good.  I hope to continue on this path because green juice helps me live my best life!  What helps you live your best life?

    Getting Juicy

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    Hey there, Rawk Stars! ¬†It has been a juicy stretch for me & I thought I’d share a little bit of my journey with you. ¬†So, I had a juice feasting class at the end of January which was really FUN & I used the class as an opportunity to jump in on an extended feast. ¬†Today marks 15 days of juice for me–my longest juice feast to date, which feels good! ¬†I am planning on going to 20 days, which will bring me to Valentine’s Day. ¬†I thought that would be a rawmazing way to love myself.

    Why juice feast? ¬†There are so many reasons … It feels good. ¬†It detoxes your body. ¬†It allows you to reconnect with your body, mind & spirit. ¬†It shifts your awareness around what you put in your body. ¬†It energizes you. ¬†You lose weight. ¬†You sleep well. ¬†It heals your body.

    I personally decided to juice feast for several reasons: ¬†One, I wanted to shed 6 extra pounds that snuck up on me & made me feel icky. Two, I wanted to see if it would help a rash that I have been getting on my neck & arms. ¬†Three, ¬†I wanted a clean fresh start to my relationship to food–while my diet is very clean & healthy, I can be a stress/emotional eater & juice feasting really centers me & puts me back on a mindful path.

    The first few days of a feast are always the hardest as your body & mind get used to not eating food. ¬†Once I rallied through day 2, I felt lighter and clearer … and then surprisingly, I got some weird detox symptoms that I had never experienced before … mucus & congestion mostly, that are still lingering today. ¬†I think my body is still purging junk from a cold I had at the end of December. ¬†Very interesting.

    What a day on juice looks like for me: ¬†Depending on the day, I drink anywhere from 3-4 quarts of juice along with water, herbal teas, a shot or 2 of wheatgrass, a mug of miso and a lemon, ginger, garlic tonic & sometimes fresh coconut water. ¬†I always start each day with a big glass of water with lemon & then follow that with a fruit juice … I love grapefruit, orange & apple juice to kick off my day. ¬†And then I enjoy a high veggie green juice later in the morning, around lunchtime & dinnertime. ¬†I often stick in a sweeter juice in the afternoon too … like a carrot, spinach or a beet, lime juice. ¬†YUMMMM!!!!!!!

    And as far as potty stuff goes¬†… I do enemas. ¬†I started out with one on day 3 & then did it daily for 3 days. ¬†Then I skipped to every other day or every 2 days. ¬†It’s important to keep your colon clean while feasting so that all of the junk in there has a way of getting out … because without fiber, nothing pushes through your colon.

    Ahhh, juice feasting! ¬†There are a few things that help me on my journey that might help you too …

    1. ¬†Think about what motivates you to do a juice feast & to¬†live your best life. ¬†Keep that thought in the forefront of your mind throughout your feast–maybe write it on the bathroom mirror. ¬†You will have challenging moments & these motivators will keep you going!

    2.  Have a goal for how long you want to feast for.  Feasting is as much of a mental challenge as anything, so if you mentally prepare for your goal, you will have a better chance of reaching it.  And remember any day on juice is an accomplishment.  Listen to your body.

    3.  Keep your juicer out on the counter so that it is easy to get to.  (I have a champion juicer that I love).

    4.  ALWAYS have a well stocked fridge so that you never have an excuse to bail on your feast.

    5. ¬†If you are going out for a bit, take MORE juice than you think you will need, so you don’t find yourself in a pickle.

    6. ¬†Make juices that taste good to you … and be sure you are juicing enough greens & other veggies. ¬†I love flavoring my juices with lemon, lime, ginger & fresh herbs.

    7.  It helps to have support, so let your friends & family know how they can best support you.

    Wishing you a juicy weekend!

    Smoothies & Juices … what’s the difference?

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    Green smoothies & green juices have changed my life!¬† I love chatting about them with any and everyone … I really get excited about it & hope you do too!¬† In talking about them with folks, one thing I have noticed is how often people use the words smoothie & juice interchangeably, when in fact they are two very different beverages.

    Both smoothies & juices are WICKED GOOD for us … they contain nutrients from fresh fruits & veggies, and who wouldn’t benefit from that?¬† But there are a few simple differences.

    A green smoothie is made with fresh greens, fruit & water (or other liquid) in a blender and ALL of the fiber from the greens and fruit is retained in the smoothie.  Fiber is good for our bodies and helps push things through our digestive tract.

    A green juice is made from fresh greens, veggies and fruit with a juicer.  You push the produce through the juicer, and it extracts all of the fiber from the produce & leaves you with only the juice.  Because juice contains no fiber, it is absorbed directly into the blood stream, giving our digestive system a break. It requires a lot more produce to make 1 glass of juice versus 1 glass of smoothie, which  means a glass of juice does contain more nutrients than a glass of smoothie.

    In my book, whether you choose to enjoy a glass of green juice or a green smoothie, you are doing your body good!¬† Cheers to¬† liquid sunshine!¬† Check out some recipes here or order our “Smoothies Gone Raw” ebook here.