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    Carrot Ginger Soup

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    Carrot Ginger Soup – Serves 4

    4-5 large carrots, chopped or shredded

    2 dates, pitted

    1 ripe avocado

    1 1/2 Tbs grated ginger

    1-2 cloves minced garlic

    1 tsp cumin

    1/2  sea salt or to taste

    2 cups hot water or almond milk

    Blend all ingredients in a speed blender until creamy & smooth.  Top with a little cinnamon & a sprig of cilantro.

    NOTE:  add in 1/2 cup of shredded coconut & 1 tsp curry for a coconut curry soup.  Or add in 2 cups of greens for a rawlicious green soup.  Lots of options!

    Free-Range Nut Loaf & Sundried Tomato Gravy

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    Free-Range Nut Loaf

    Serves 6

    ½ cup almonds

    ½ cup walnuts

    ½ cup sunflower seeds

    1 celery stalk

    1 scallion

    1 carrot

    4-6 sundried tomatoes, soaked 1-2 hours

    2 dates, pitted & soaked 1-2 hours

    ½ green or red pepper

    1 Tbs fresh parsley

    1 clove garlic

    ½ tsp thyme

    ½ tsp rosemary

    ½ tsp basil

    ½ tsp cumin

    ½ tsp sea salt

    1/2 cup shredded sweet potato or squash

    Blend all ingredients except shredded sweet potato in a food processor until well blended.  Add in sweet potato by hand and then form into a loaf (approx1.5-2 inches high), refrigerate for an hour, slice & serve.  Or dehydrate for 2 hours, slice & continue to dehydrate for another 3 hours at 110 & serve warm.  Serve with gravy & a side salad.

    NOTE:  To bake in oven, place on a greased cookie sheet and bake at 275 degrees for 25 minutes, slice & place back in oven for 15 minutes.


    Sundried Tomato Gravy

    8 sundried tomatoes, soaked 1-2 hours

    2 Tbs olive oil

    1 cup water

    ¼ cup raisins

    ¼ cup yellow onion

    pinch sea salt

    Blend in food processor or blender until creamy.  Serve over nut loaf.


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    1 Tbs chia seeds, soaked in 3 Tbs water for 10 minutes

    3/4 cups cashews

    3/4 cups pumpkin seeds

    1/2 red pepper

    1/3 – 1/2 cup water

    1 clove garlic

    1 Tbs nutritional yeast

    1 Tbs lemon juice

    1 Tbs olive oil

    1 tsp turmeric

    1 tsp sea salt

    Place all ingredients in a food processor or high speed blender and blend for 2-3 minutes until smooth and creamy.  Scoop mixture out onto a plate and place in fridge for 1 hour to set and thicken.  Remove cheese from fridge, shape into a ball and roll in crushed pecan or almonds.  Serve with crawkers and fresh veggies.


      The cheezeball also makes a rawlicious spread for collard wraps!  🙂  ENJOY!

    Falafel with Tzatziki Sauce

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    GGR Falafel with Tzatziki
    Makes 18 small falafel balls
    1 cup of pecans
    1 carrot
    ½ red pepper
    1/2 stalk of celery
    2 Tbs red onion
    4 sundried tomatoes, soaked 1-2 hours
    1 date, pitted & soaked if necessary
    1 tsp curry
    ½ tsp cumin
    3 Tbs sesame seeds
    ½ tsp sea salt
    Blend all ingredients in the food processor until well blended. Shape into burgers or balls & dehydrate for 1-3 hours at 110. Serve in a cabbage leaf or over shredded greens with a little tzatziki sauce drizzled over top of them & eat up!

    Tzatziki Sauce
    1 cup of cashews
    1 cup of water
    2 cloves of garlic
    ½ -1 tsp sea salt
    2 Tbs lemon juice … continued on next page
    1 cup of diced cucumber
    1/4 cup of dill, minced
    2 Tbs fresh mint, minced
    Blend all ingredients except cucumber & herbs in a high speed blender until smooth & creamy. Pour into a bowl & mix in cucumber & fresh herbs. Serve over falafel.

    Green Coco Curry Wraps

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    Green Coco Curry Wraps

    Makes 8 wraps
    2 cups of young coconut meat
    2 cups of spinach
    2 cloves of garlic
    1/2 cup of water (add more if needed)
    1 tsp sea salt
    Place ingredients in the blender & blend until smooth & creamy. Spread mixture onto 2 teflex sheets, about 1/8 inch thick, & dehydrate for 5 hours at 115 (or overnight is fine). Peel off of teflex sheets. Trim the crispy outer edges of wrap sheet off & then cut each sheet into 4 squares to use as wraps. Store in fridge with saran wrap in between each wrap.

    Veggie Filling:
    12 lettuce leaves
    2 carrots, julienned
    1 1/2 cups of shredded cabbage
    2 cups of broccoli, chopped
    2 apples, chopped
    ¼ cup of raisins
    ½ cup of cilantro, chopped

    1 cup of cashews
    1-2 cloves of garlic
    1 ½ tsp curry powder
    2 Tbs lemon juice
    1/8 inch slice of ginger – optional
    ½ tsp sea salt
    ½-1 cup of water or coconut water
    Blend until smooth & creamy.

    Set lettuce leaves aside. Pour sauce over remaining veggies & toss well.
    Place a lettuce leaf on a wrap, top with veggies & sauce & roll up. Slice wrap in half at a diagonal & eat up! Repeat.

    Hearty Chili

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    This chili is one of my favorite dishes for Fall!  It’s great served warm on top of a jicama rice or served cold on a lettuce leaf.  And it’s one of those dishes that appeals to everyone!

    Rawkin’ Chili

    Veggies & Spices:
    3-4 medium to large tomatoes, diced
    2 cups corn cut fresh off of the cob, or thawed frozen corn
    1 green pepper, diced
    1-2 cloves garlic, minced
    ¼ cup red onion, diced
    2 Tbs olive oil
    ¼ cup of chili powder
    dash cayenne
    2 Tbs coconut aminos or soy sauce
    1 tsp curry powder
    ½ tsp cumin
    1 Tbs honey
    Place chopped veggies in a large bowl.  Mix remaining ingredients together & pour over veggies to coat.

    Chili paste:
    1 orange, peeled
    1/2 cup dates, pitted
    1/2 cup sundried tomatoes, soaked 1-2 hours
    ½ cup yellow onion
    Blend in food processor to form a paste.  Mix paste into veggie bowl & you have your Rawkin’ Chili.  Top with Sour cream, sliced avocado & diced cilantro & eat up!

    Sour Cream:

    1 cup cashews, soaked 1-2 hours

    1/4 cup yellow onion

    ¼-1/2 cup water, add as needed

    1 tsp nutritional yeast

    1 tsp apple cider vinegar

    1/2 tsp sea salt

    Mix ingredients together in food processor or high speed blender until smooth and creamy.

    Enjoy your chili topped with sour cream!  🙂 

    Eat as is or warm in the dehydrator for several hours.

    Happy Burritos

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    GGR Happy Burritos
    serves 4
    4 red cabbage leaves
    1 GGR guacamole recipe*
    1 GGR “cheese” recipe*
    1/2 cup shredded carrot
    1/2 cup shredded zucchini
    1 portobello mushroom, sliced
    1/2 onion, sliced
    1/2 cup sunflower sprouts

    Marinate mushroom & onion in a couple of tablespoons of coconut aminos or nama shoyu for 5-10 minutes.  Separate cabbage leaves.  Fill bottom of leaves with guacamole & then top with shredded carrots & zucchini & then add the marinated mushrooms & onions.  Add several dollops of “cheese” & top with sunflower sprouts.  Eat up!  🙂

    Girl Gone Raw Guacamole
    1 avocado
    1 tomato
    ¼ cup yellow onion
    1 handful cilantro
    1 Tbs olive oil
    juice of ½ a lemon or lime
    ½ tsp sea salt
    Place ingredients in food processor & blend to desired texture.  You may want to start by pulsing the onion & cilantro & then add the other ingredients.

    Girl Gone Raw’s Favorite Cheese:
    1 cup cashews, soaked 2 hrs
    ¼ cup yellow onion
    ½ tsp sea salt
    ½ water, or more as needed
    Place everything except water in food processor & blend.  Add water as needed for a creamy consistency.  Serve as a cheese spread or as a dip.

    Cashew Cilantro Burger

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    These burgers are quick, delicious and very portable!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

    Cashew Cilantro Burgers
    makes 4 burgers
    1 cup cashews
    5-6 sundried tomatoes, soaked
    1 handful cilantro (or try basil or dill)
    pinch sea salt
    Place all ingredients in a food processor & blend until mixture clumps into a ball.  Form mixture into 4 burger patties.

    1 tomato, sliced
    1 avocado, sliced
    4 basil leaves
    4 lacinto or curly kale leaves cut in half
    1/2 cup nut cheese from “Happy Burrito” recipe

    Assembly:  Place 1/2 kale leaf on plate followed by 1 slice of tomato, burger, basil, avocado & nit cheese.  Top with other 1/2 of kale leaf & eat up!

    This is a picture from a raw food picnic we took to one of the quarries on Vinalhaven … it was a heavenly outing!