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    HAPPY SPRING & a juicer giveaway!

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    fullsizeoutput_1ec0Happy Spring to you, friends!  I hope you are enjoying all of the joys of watching everything come to life again.  I have been riding my bike a lot & it’s such a treat to witness all of the flowers & trees burst open with color. Every day offers new discoveries –a feast for the senses.  YAY!  


    I am so happy to be able to give you another fullsizeoutput_1ec1
    opportunity to win an incredible Champion Juicer (courtesy of Champion).  It’s the perfect SPRING treat!  
    The giveaway is running on Instagram & I hope you will participate.  Juicing is nourishing, fun, delicious & the world needs more of it.  Find the Juicer Giveaway photo & follow the entry details!  I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you!  


    keep-calm-and-ride-on--mountain-bike--green-andi-birdPS.  If you’d like to donate to my cycling journey as I prepare for the Trek Across Maine, a fundraiser for the American Lung Association, you can donate here.

    Getting Juicy

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    Hey there, Rawk Stars!  It has been a juicy stretch for me & I thought I’d share a little bit of my journey with you.  So, I had a juice feasting class at the end of January which was really FUN & I used the class as an opportunity to jump in on an extended feast.  Today marks 15 days of juice for me–my longest juice feast to date, which feels good!  I am planning on going to 20 days, which will bring me to Valentine’s Day.  I thought that would be a rawmazing way to love myself.

    Why juice feast?  There are so many reasons … It feels good.  It detoxes your body.  It allows you to reconnect with your body, mind & spirit.  It shifts your awareness around what you put in your body.  It energizes you.  You lose weight.  You sleep well.  It heals your body.

    I personally decided to juice feast for several reasons:  One, I wanted to shed 6 extra pounds that snuck up on me & made me feel icky. Two, I wanted to see if it would help a rash that I have been getting on my neck & arms.  Three,  I wanted a clean fresh start to my relationship to food–while my diet is very clean & healthy, I can be a stress/emotional eater & juice feasting really centers me & puts me back on a mindful path.

    The first few days of a feast are always the hardest as your body & mind get used to not eating food.  Once I rallied through day 2, I felt lighter and clearer … and then surprisingly, I got some weird detox symptoms that I had never experienced before … mucus & congestion mostly, that are still lingering today.  I think my body is still purging junk from a cold I had at the end of December.  Very interesting.

    What a day on juice looks like for me:  Depending on the day, I drink anywhere from 3-4 quarts of juice along with water, herbal teas, a shot or 2 of wheatgrass, a mug of miso and a lemon, ginger, garlic tonic & sometimes fresh coconut water.  I always start each day with a big glass of water with lemon & then follow that with a fruit juice … I love grapefruit, orange & apple juice to kick off my day.  And then I enjoy a high veggie green juice later in the morning, around lunchtime & dinnertime.  I often stick in a sweeter juice in the afternoon too … like a carrot, spinach or a beet, lime juice.  YUMMMM!!!!!!!

    And as far as potty stuff goes … I do enemas.  I started out with one on day 3 & then did it daily for 3 days.  Then I skipped to every other day or every 2 days.  It’s important to keep your colon clean while feasting so that all of the junk in there has a way of getting out … because without fiber, nothing pushes through your colon.

    Ahhh, juice feasting!  There are a few things that help me on my journey that might help you too …

    1.  Think about what motivates you to do a juice feast & to live your best life.  Keep that thought in the forefront of your mind throughout your feast–maybe write it on the bathroom mirror.  You will have challenging moments & these motivators will keep you going!

    2.  Have a goal for how long you want to feast for.  Feasting is as much of a mental challenge as anything, so if you mentally prepare for your goal, you will have a better chance of reaching it.  And remember any day on juice is an accomplishment.  Listen to your body.

    3.  Keep your juicer out on the counter so that it is easy to get to.  (I have a champion juicer that I love).

    4.  ALWAYS have a well stocked fridge so that you never have an excuse to bail on your feast.

    5.  If you are going out for a bit, take MORE juice than you think you will need, so you don’t find yourself in a pickle.

    6.  Make juices that taste good to you … and be sure you are juicing enough greens & other veggies.  I love flavoring my juices with lemon, lime, ginger & fresh herbs.

    7.  It helps to have support, so let your friends & family know how they can best support you.

    Wishing you a juicy weekend!