• Getting Juicy With Stinging Nettles

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    I love trying new greens & when I saw saw nettles on the Portland Food Co-op’s local order form, I couldn’t resist!  And Victoria Boutenko talks a lot about nettles in “Green for Life” & I have always been curious about a green that is prickly when handled but yummy when blended or cooked.


    Nettles are found all over the world & are often considered a weed although they have been used for medicinal purposes for centuries.  Nettles are basically a cure all … they are high in iron, serve as a diuretic, are great for allergies, asthma, celiac disease, bladder infections & they relieve arthritis pain & SO MUCH MORE!  Just google them & see for yourself!


    Citrus Nettles Green Juice

    5 cups nettles

    10 carrots

    2 grapefruits

    1 apple

    1 lime

    Place all ingredients through the juicer & drink up!  Or try nettles in a smoothie as you would any other green.  Just be sure to use a glove when handling nettles as they really do sting!  I stung my hand yesterday & the tingly sensation stayed with me ALL day!

    Get your nettles on today!  🙂

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