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    In November my partner & I attended a workshop on Therapeutic Breathwork with Anna Maria Tocci & Becca Demers at the Awake Collective & it was fantastic! Ahhhhhh … breathing feels so good, doesn’t it? (I just remembered something one of my yoga instructors said while challenging us in a pose … “breathe as if your life depended upon it.” Ha! Those words crack me up and I think of them when I find myself in an intense place). 🙂 Breathing is important and it is something most of us do without really thinking about. To really benefit from our breath, it is a great idea to take time out and focus on it. We have been enjoying monthly group breathwork sessions since our introduction to breathwork & it feels so good, that I just had to share it with you.

    What is breathwork? I think of it as intentional, guided breathing that results in a huge release. Here’s the description from Anna Maria’s website ourclearintentions.com: “THERAPEUTIC BREATHWORK uses the technique of connected, conscious, diaphragmatic breathing to promote relaxation and the release of stress. It also has the powerful capacity to release deeper emotional and mental patterns, freeing the breather to live a mdaffodilsore open, happy, energy-filled existence. Often times, the reason that we are not fully living the life we desire is that we have an emotional or energetic block in one or more areas of our life. Breathwork is an incredible tool for clearing these blocks.”

    If you live in the Portland, Maine area, I invite you to explore Breathwork & sign up for this great workshop on Sunday, April 15th. Then come join us for a raw food potluck in the Girl Gone Raw kitchen from 5:30-7:30pm! And if you don’t live nearby, google breathwork & find someone who practices it in your

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