• raw food

    The raw & living foods lifestyle is fun, tasty and simple: it entails a diet of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds & sprouted grains–and nothing heated over 110 degrees. The food is creative, colorful & beautiful. You’ll be amazed that you can make such yummy food from such pure ingredients. And rest assured, you will not feel deprived! Afterall, how could you with raw pizza, nut burgers, kale chips, papaya steak, cheesecake, maki rolls, soups & apple pie, just to name a few?

    Here’s what to expect as you increase your intake of raw foods: Any unwanted weight will literally melt away. You will feel connected to the land. You will experience mental clarity. You feel more energetic. You will glow & radiate joy!  There are so many benefits to the raw food lifestyle!  Wouldn’t YOU like to experience this?!!!!!

    When you eat a raw & living foods diet you are keeping all of the nutrients and enzymes in tact which results in increased health benefits for you! When foods are cooked at temperatures above 118 degrees, many of the nutrients & enzymes are destroyed. Another key factor is that your body is able to digest fats easier in their raw form, so eating a diet that includes plenty of avocados and nuts and seeds is encouraged!

    Can you tell that I love my raw & living food lifestyle?! Let me share my passion with you!