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      I am a living foods enthusiast and a painter from Portland, Maine!  I was first introduced to raw food in the Spring of 2009 and I was so intrigued … could this lifestyle really make me feel more energetic, lose weight & gain mental clarity?  Could I really eat dessert every night & avocados every day & still lose weight?  The answer is YES & I am living proof!

    I experimented in the kitchen, took a class on raw food & I was on my way.  The extra weight melted off–I lost 18 pounds in less than 2 months.  I was eating delicious food & not feeling deprived at all!  In fact I felt energized, happy & so healthy!

    Preparing raw food meals, snacks and desserts is much like painting, you start with a simple, colorful palette and after mixing & blending you have a beautiful plate of food that is so pure, delicious and healthy.  Eating raw food just makes sense to me.  Eating the purest foods our earth provides us with is so natural and I am thriving on this lifestyle.

    In February of 2010 I completed Alissa Cohen’s Raw Food Chef & Teacher Certification program and I am ready to share my passion with you!  I simply love preparing raw food dishes and sharing my knowledge with others.

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    My RAWsome Journey

    I have had a chubby complex as far back as I can remember.  My dad is a Spanish teacher & he always called me his “gordita preciosa.”  That term is definitely a term of endearment, but the literal translation of it is “precious little fatso.”  What girl wouldn’t have a chubby complex after realizing she was being called chubby little fatso?!  🙂  Love you, dad!  🙂

    I played a lot of sports in high school & college which kept me fit, but in my second year of college I developed a hip injury.  It was treated as a muscular injury at first and it just wouldn’t go away.  After 5 years of visiting different sports therapists, chiropractors & doctors it was determined that I had arthritis in my hip and I had to give up running.  Running had been my escape and an easy way for me to stay fit, so when I had to let that go, the weight gain followed.  I have struggled with those extra 10-25 lbs ever since … that is until I discovered raw food! Today I am the same weight I was when I graduated high school 21 years ago!

    My journey to raw food took years, and it really started at the age of 18, after I lost my mom to breast cancer.  That experience made me very aware & health conscious, & I became a fish eating vegetarian.  The more I learned about food, the more changes I made to eat better.  For 18 years I ate as a fish eating vegetarian & I struggled with those extra pounds.  And then 2 years ago I read the book “Skinny Bitch” and became a vegan.  I thought it would be so hard to give up cheese, but I learned a few nut cheese recipes & I was fine.  While I didn’t experience any weight loss by becoming vegan, I did experience changes in my menstural cyle–the moodiness & cramps decreased significantly.

    Then about 1 year after becoming a vegan I kept having raw food appear in my life … I saw something about raw food on the internet, something in a magazine I was reading, it came up in conversation with a couple of different people & then with a raw food restaurant opening in Portland.  I was in a health food store poking through their cookbooks & saw Ani Phyo’s Raw Food Kitchen in June of 2009 & I took it as a sign & bought it.  After reading through it, I told my partner that I wanted to try raw food for a week.  Day 2 at the dinner table I said, “I could NEVER do this.”  Then on day 3 something clicked inside of me & I knew that the raw food lifestyle was for me & it became so easy & fun!  I can’t explain what happened to me, except that suddenly it all made so much sense to me.  I took off running with the raw & living foods lifestlye & haven’t looked back.

    I will share that I was a MAJOR coffee addict for years & vowed that I while I would eat raw food, I would NEVER give up my coffee.  Within a week of going raw, I couldn’t even drink 1/2 a cup of coffee–it made me feel AWFUL!  And to this day, the slightest bit of caffeine goes straight to my head & makes me feel bad, real bad!  I still enjoy the smell of coffee, but my cup of fresh juice or a warm cup of tea is what I reach for in the morning.

    April 2009 & May 2010

    I can’t tell you how good I feel!  I lost weight quickly & have kept it off without EVER feeling like I have had to sacrifice anything.  I am energetic, happy, glowing, and now have a passion for preparing deilcious raw meals & sharing it with others.  I hope you will join my mailing list & come take some classes with me–it will change your life!

    Before & after raw food … I think you can see the difference!