• So I Got the Flu

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    I pride myself in keeping healthy … I make great choices around food, I have a regular yoga practice, I walk my dogs every day, I surround myself with people who feed my soul, my work is my passion … so imagine my surprise, when on the evening of day 15 of my juice feast I felt a sudden kick of ickiness.  Was I just cold & tired?  I thought maybe I was, so I went to bed & hoped for the best.  Well, I woke up with a fever & severe body aches.  WHAT?!!

    I was in denial & thought, “Oh, I’m just tired.  Afterall, how could I possibly get the flu when I’ve been putting 3-4 quarts of green juice in my body each day for over 2 weeks?”  I had been feeling AMAZING, light & energetic.  I had been practicing yoga daily & sleeping like a rock.  What happened?  I got the flu & I got it bad–that’s what happened.  I had a high fever for 48 hours & was unable to get up & dressed for 4 days.  I feel so much better today, but I am still not back to my old tricks–I have a cough & very  limited energy.  I had to let go of my juice feast (I have continued with 1-2 quarts of juice a day & have added in some vegan & raw vegan soups).  I felt a little discouraged to not be able to continue with my goal of 31 days of juice, but listening to my body is important & it wanted warm, soft food.

    Getting the flu really gave me a chance to reflect on where I went wrong in my self-care regime.  Nutrition will only get you so far.  Exercise will only get you so far.  Sleep will only get you so far.  Stress management will only get you so far.  BUT, combine good nutrition, regular exercise, 7-8 hours of sleep a night, & stress-management  through down time & you have balance, and with balance you will have health.  When one or more of these things gets out of balance, you put yourself at risk for getting sick, and that was my mistake!

    I skimped out on the 7-8 hours of sleep a night & taking regular down time for myself.  December is my busiest month of the year–I pack 3 months of work into 3 weeks.  I worked around the clock, 7 days a week, in my studio painting adorable pets for people to give as Christmas gifts & then I had all of the family celebrating & parties … so much going on.  I did take the Fri-Mon after Christmas off to relax, but apparently, that was not nearly enough time.  I need to give my body the gift of down time each week, not just once in awhile.

    I have now reformatted my schedule to include 48 hours of down time /play time / ME time each week, and I am really looking forward to it!  2014 is the year of balance & ME time so that I can continue to live my best life!  Yeah for self-care!  In fact, I have signed up for a “Self Care=Heart Centered Success” workshop with my friend, Britt Bolnick, of In Arms Coaching, on Sat, Feb 1st from 1-4pm.  It’s only $10.  Who wants to join me?

    Wishing you all a joyful week!  STAY WARM & HEALTHY!  🙂

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