• Vegan Mashup: Help Make a Season 2

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         It’s so important to share the joy of vegan living because our world is crumbling with all kinds of environmental & health problems that stem from the way we as a country farm (factory farming/big agriculture) and how we eat.  
           Learning about and sharing vegan cuisine changes lives and makes the world a better place, which is why I believe so strongly in my friend Betsy’s TV series, “Vegan Mashup.”
         Vegan Mashup is a fabulous cooking series that aired six very well received episodes this spring on 75% of American public television stations – this is a potential audience of 88 million people!  
           And I was honored to be a guest chef on episode #106 “A Reason to Rise” … I got to share a simple & rawlicious almond milk recipe & a green smoothie recipe.  SO FUN!  You can order a copy of the dvd here.
         Vegan Mashup is fundraising for a bigger and better Season Two!  I hope you will check out their kickstarted campaign & support them by clicking here:  http://bit.ly/vmtvs2 And don’t forget to check out the Vegan Mashup website to see if the show is airing in your area.
    THANK YOU for being you, Rawk Stars!



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    • Please support #vegan media by donating to AND promoting the @veganmashup TV Season 2 @kickstarter http://bit.ly/vmtvs2

    • Share more #vegan chefs and recipes with TV land by contributing to the  @veganmashup @kickstarter http://bit.ly/vmtvs2

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