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    Are you tired all of the time?
    Do you crave sweets or salty foods?
    Do you want to shed a few pounds?
    Do you lack restraint when it comes to food?
    Do you feel deprived when you are on a “health kick”?
    Do you feel like you just don’t have time to prepare healthy meals?

    Well, Look no further! I am “Girl Gone Raw” & I am here to show you how to be the healthiest you can be! My name is Elizabeth & I am a raw & living foods enthusiast & I love sharing what I do with people because it has changed my life & I know it will change your life too.

     I will show you how to feel healthy & vibrant without sacrificing taste. I can help you eliminate your struggles with food and embrace a delicious lifestyle free of processed foods. I will show you how to prepare simple, easy & delicious snacks & meals to nourish your body & soul. You will feel renewed, refreshed & connected on so many levels! Won’t you join me?

    Let me help you live your healthiest life! I know what it’s like to battle extra weight, to crave sweets & salty foods, to lack self control, to feel like you just don’t have time to eat right. And I also know how to change that –I can help you! Join me!

    Navigate through my site to learn more about raw & living foods or click on the links below to see how I can help you be the healthiest you can be!

    Girl Gone Raw Classes

    Alissa Cohen Level I & II Classes

    Raw Food Parties 

    6 Weeks to a Healthier YOU! Program 

    Raw Food Coaching

    I look forward to playing in the kitchen with you!  🙂