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    I am a certified raw food chef & I look forward to sharing a wealth of information about the raw food lifestlye in Alissa Cohen’s Level I & II Classes. Join me! Look for pre-scheduled classes or schedule one at a time that is convenient for YOU … just e-mail me!

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    Become a Raw Food Chef
    This course is our fundamental course that will teach you the basics of the raw food diet through the teachings of the Living on Live Food plan.

    In this class you will learn:

    • What a raw and living food diet is.
    • How to make delicious raw food meals that taste just like your favorite cooked food dishes!
    • How to prepare gourmet raw food meals, simply and easily.
    • How to shop for raw foods.
    • How to get others excited about raw and living food!

    You will leave this class not only inspired and motivated but knowing how to begin eating raw and how to make delicious raw food meals for yourself and others.

    This certificate allows you to teach Raw Food Prep Courses and to continue on to the next level of the Living on Live Food training.

    Delicious, Gourmet, Raw Food meals included.

    Additional benefits:

    A level one certification allows you to receive discounts on all of Alissa’s store products.

    You can also choose to have your own Living on Live Food web site.

    Sign up now for your journey towards a healthier, more beautiful and radiant you!
    4 person minimum

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    Living on Live Food Instructor
    Certification Course

    This course is designed to go beyond the basic food prep and into more extensive raw food preparation. From this course you will be proficient in preparing elegant gourmet meals. In addition to the food preparation, this course will cover:

    • How to encourage and help people stay raw.
    • Issues dealing with daily raw food living such as environment, friends and family, and traveling while raw.
    • People’s experience while raw.
    • Detoxing (emotionally and physically.)
    • Basic sprouting techniques and simple dehydrating techniques.
    • How to adjust the raw food diet for specific results.
    • Additional components that make up a healthy raw food lifestyle and much more!

    From this course you will be recognized as a Certified Living on Live Food Instructor and will be able to teach individuals and groups in the art of raw food preparation and the raw food lifestyle.

    You will be able to teach the Living on Live Food Chef Certification prerequisite course for this certification as well.

    This level 2 class is an essential part of starting your own raw and living food business. You will be able to offer individual training, food prep and level one group classes. When you become certified as a Living on Live Food instructor you can choose to have a listing on rawteacher.com. When people look for a teacher in their area they will find your contact information right on Alissa’s site. When people call us asking for groups, classes and chefs, we will refer them directly to you!

    There is no limit to the income you can earn after receiving your certification!

    We require 20 percent of these classes for paperwork and certifications, email and phone referrals, original copies of the core curriculum and any handouts.

    Additional benefits:

    A level two certification allows you to receive discounts on all of Alissa’s store products.

    You can choose to have your own Living on Live Food web site.

    We will handle the printing and mailing of all paperwork for certificates to each Level One student in your class.

    You will have access to the private forum where you will find useful information in order to better assist your clients. You can discuss all things raw; teaching techniques, client and group practices, swap recipes, share practical tips and so much more. This support board is an incredible tool for keeping in touch with others on this path, finding immediate answers to your questions and continuing with your knowledge of the raw food lifestyle.
    3 person minimum


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    1. April 9, 2013 at 1:59 pm

      I have been taking raw food classes with Carrie Reed and would love to take the classes to become a certified raw food chef? When is the next class scheduled? Thanks!

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